P.C.E.A came to Uganda around 1964 through Kenyans who migrated to Uganda and settled in Masindi District, now Kiryandongo District. Few years later due to political instability the church faced persecution that hindered her growth. God in His providence preserved this church through two small congregations in Kigumba and Kigengere.
Growth of P.C.E.A Kampala Congregation
The re-establishment of of PCEA Kampala congregation started in the year 2003 in Kampala City. Elder Peterson Mwihu organized a fellowship comprised mostly of Kenyans in Uganda who were living, working, running businesses or studying in Uganda. The Sunday fellowship was conducted at Jokas bar and restaurant which was situated along Buganda road.

All through there were challenges that faced the church and the fellowship kept on shifting from one premises to the other. In the year 2004, the church shifted to Nakasero Primary school. Challenges didn’t end after the shifting, it was hard and difficult for the parents with children to attend the church Sunday services due to distance of the church from public transport facilities. There was no electricity in the allocated space for worship, and the church would lose property due to lack of a proper and secure store. On certain instances it would proof difficult to get access to the staff/classroom when the caretaker in charge of the keys would not be found within the school compound making most church services to commence late. Due to the above challenges the fellowship started to destabilize and several members left the church. This led the church to relocate from Nakasero Primary school to King Fisher Hotel (Chinese Restaurant) along Jinja road in January 2012.
The few members who remained were loyal and stood firm with the church, they agreed to look for favorable place of worship near the city center. A restaurant at Mabirizi complex was identified and the owner Mr. Nuwamanya Moses agreed to sublet to the church for Sunday service only from morning hours till 1.00pm. The service started and at the Mabirizi complex on 2nd June 2013 and commissioned by the Moderator of the 20th General Assembly very Rev. David Riitho Gathanju who was in Uganda that time attending the African conference of Reformed Church which was at Munyonyo Ggaba.
On 1st June 2013, the Very Rev. Gathanju had a meeting with the Uganda mission leaders led by Rev. Godfrey Ssali Kato and agreed to have a seeding project to acquire a plot for the church. The project was launched on 2nd June 2013.
After three Sundays of fellowship at the restaurant, the tenant abruptly informed the church to pick their belongings because he was relocating from that building. This was a challenge to the church again without knowledge of what to do next. By God’s grace, another room was found opposite the restaurant owned by Forever living Institute. They agreed to sublet the church for only Sunday service from 9th July 2013.
Due to the already experienced frustrations, the church members determined themselves to support the seeding project, and two major funds drive were conducted by the development committee on 1st December and 29th June 2014 respectively. A committee was established after the funds drive and mandated to look for a plot within a radius of 5 km from Kampala city center. Several plots were identified but they settled on one at Lukuli-Nanganda. The plot had an existing hall and a house. They renovated it and it was dedicated on 29th March 2015. P.C.E.A Kampala is now located at Makindye Division about 4.5 km from the city center. The church has one ordained Elder, Anthony Mwai.
Our vision is to at least have a congregation and a sanctuary in each of the five divisions that make up Kampala District i.e. South (Makindye); North (Kawempe); East (Nakawa); West (Lubaga) and Central (Kampala Town). So far we have two congregations i.e. PCEA Lukuli Nanganda (South-Makindye Division) and PCEA Shekinah (Central (Kampala Town)
We thank God this far for we have a P.C.E.A Shekainah church at the Central Business District that was started in April 2017 with approximately 20 members with one ordained Elder, John Peter Kiritu.
P.C.E.A Lukuli Nanganda and P.C.E.A Shekinah fall under Kampala region in Uganda Mission Area with newly posted Minister Rev. Samuel Kiugi.